Hi, I'm Szabolcs!

Mostly online as _Nec, I'm a developer from Budapest, Hungary. Organizer and curator of JSConf Budapest and CSSConf Budapest, organizer of Frontend Meetup Budapest occasional speaker, hobby hardware hacker, photographer and Lego nerd. Senior frontend engineer at IBM Cloud Video.

Next.js & Apollo GraphQL Performance Tuning: Lists & pagination

Creating lists and paginating them using data from GraphQL, and relying on React components within Next.js

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GraphQL with Next.js and Apollo

Introduction to a modern React stack that is really great to work with

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Upcoming ESNext features - Part 2

Take a look on the Bind Operator, Top-Level Await and Optional Chaining

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Upcoming ESNext features - Part 1

I've handpicked some of the top features that I (a)wait most for JavaScript, let's see the first three

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When arguments are mutable

An exact case, when omitting strict mode can cause weird side effects

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Transform your codebase using codemods

Learn about jscodeshift, a super-useful tool to step by step transform large codebases using small changes.

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npm authoring basics

What, how, and where to publish npm packages

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This month I've learned - January

Loading binary data in the browser, Typed Arrays, the Web Crypto API and smaller goodies this month.

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Create an RGB LED wall clock - part 1

Guide to make your own RGB LED wall clock, using a Tessel, Neopixels and JavaScript - first, the hardware part

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This month I've learned - December

Helm for Kubernetes, Ligatures, CSS variables and back to the basics with Trigonometry in December.

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